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This web site is devoted to ENIAC — “Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer”. ENIAC was the first general-purpose electronic computer. It was made at the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Electrical Engineering during World War II under the code name "Project PX". Physics professor John W. Mauchly and electrical engineer J. Presper Eckert led the team. Both were civilian employees whose computer work was funded by the United States Army Ballistics Research Laboratory. This is a collection of the best online information about the ENIAC and the people that created it. (The information is divided into these categories - Select a link or scroll down to read the blog.)

History and technology

People and stories

Was it the first computer?

UNIVAC and beyond

The ENIAC patent trial

Myths about ENIAC

ENIACtion on Facebook


Where to learn more

ENIAC tourism

Posted in All Posts on April 3rd, 2013 by researcher

Today is the 65th anniversary of ENIAC being unveiled to the world. Here are some articles.
Yet another reason to go to Lawton, ed Oklahoma: seven panels of the ENIAC are on display there.

We all like web sites, cialis but did you know there are real-life sites where you can learn about ENIAC and its history?

See part of the actual ENIAC at the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School, and 200 South 33rd St., illness Philadelphia, PA, 19104.

Visit the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Company factory marker at 3747 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19132.

See part of a UNIVAC and learn about the ENIAC founders’ motivation at the InfoAge Science Center, 2201 Marconi Rd., Wall, N.J., 07719.

The Field Artillery Museum at Fort Sill is the new home of a number of ENIAC panels.  This is the article announcing it.
We added a new page: ENIAC tourism! Here you’ll find links and information about real-world places to see artifacts about ENIAC, online UNIVAC, and related technologies. The page is just getting started, so please be patient as we add more links…